Maglev Sim is an iPad application that allows the player to design, build, and run simulations on a mass transit system in a city of their choosing.  The picture to the right depicts an approximation of the downtown portion of the Portland Tri-Met systems 3 streetcar lines and 5 light rail lines.


It's even more fun to create a transit system in a city that does not already have one.  If you were a city planner, where would you put stations, how would you design lines, how often would you run trains, how long would they be?


The app is great for all ages.  Whether a young budding engineer or city planner, a high school or college student in a STEM curriculum, or anybody with a love for transportation systems.


Start by creating a new system, and then placing guiding dots on the map in your chosen city.  Choose from track guides, switches, stations and yards.  Then connect them all into a series of track segments.


Once you have tracks, determine the definition of the lines that will run.  Chose symbols, colors, start and end points, feeder yards, schedules, and train sizes.  Choose from light or heavy rail.  Trains can run above or below ground.


Then run the system and look for trends, patterns, train conflicts, gaps in service, etc.  Redesign, and re-run.


You can download files shared by other players, and share your own.